Snow Day Dog Treats Sale

Fiana’s Homemade Dog Treats For Sale

My name is Eliana & I live in Erie, Colorado. I’m working hard to share my Luna’s favorite homemade dog treats with you! Just so you know, all of my homemade dog treats for sale are:

✅ Homemade by me! (and my dad)… because the oven gets really hot and I’m just a kid 🙂
✅ Grain free (I use oatmeal flour as the base ingredient for my homemade dog treats)
✅ Dairy free (I don’t use milk or eggs in my treats)
✅ Toddler safe! I use food-grade ingredients and try each recipe myself. Chicken liver is pretty gross for me, but the doggies love it!

Remember – for every homemade dog treat sale on my website, I am donating a bag of dog treats to a pet organization! For the next few months, I’m donating to:

Pets for Vets Organization

I met with the Denver chapter director early January and she was very nice. Here is the blog post I wrote about my meeting. I plan to support veterans from chapters across the USA. 

Frequently asked questions about my homemade dog treats for sale:

  1. How did you get started making treats for sale? 
    • One day my sister and I were walking along the path outside our house and we were talking about how we could make more money (because we weren’t old enough to cut the grass like Caleb my brother). We had also just gotten our new puppy Luna and we were training her. We wanted to give her special homemade dog treats for being good, so we asked dad if we could make some.
  2. Do you ship your treats? 
    • Yes I ship these treats anywhere in the United States. But if you live in my neighborhood you can select the “home delivery” option for shipping and not pay for postage. If you’re ordering treats to be shipped, buying them in groups of 3 is best for keeping your shipping costs low.
  3. What is the most popular flavor of your home made treats?
    • The dog treats we sell the most are the chicken liver broccoli and bacon treats. That’s the one we started with and it sells the most. But I think that the new recipe I’m working on will be pretty popular too.
  4. How long does it take you to make your dog treats? 
    • A long time! It takes me and dad about a full day on the weekends to mix and bake the treats. Then we dehydrate them for 24 hours so that they last longer on and don’t get moldy.
  5. What is your job when making the homemade dog treats?
    • I do everything my dad lets me do: I measure ingredients, I mix, I roll, I cut, I load up the baking trays – pretty much everything except take the hot trays out of the oven.