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Hello guys this is Eliana.

It’s been a long couple months at home not knowing what to do, so I just wanted to tell you what i have been doing during quarantine.

First I have been doing lemonade stands and selling dog treats. I sold lemonade and dog treats at the golf course because lots of people go by there and I got tons of business. Yesterday i made about 15 dollers a hour. I think that is preety good for me a little kid like me!

Also I have been going on runs and practicing soccer. For runs me and my sister go on a two mile loop around some of erie and right after we do that we practice soccer. PS running is verry tiring. I do not like it.

Another thing I have been doing is going fishing with my family. A couple days ago our friends took me, my sister and my brother fishing. The girls mostly stayed in the hammocks and the boys fished.

So now you know some things I have been doing during quarantine. 

If your doggie needs some dog treats make shure to cheer them up by buying them!

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