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What I do when it’s treat making time!

Fianas Dog Treats - adding livers

Fianas - baking dog treat bonesA couple of times a month my dad and I spend a whole day in the kitchen making dog treats. It’s a pretty long process, but it’s fun. It’s especially fun because we put our aprons on and listen to Kidz-Bop music while we work.

Our dog treat making process has many steps, and I though I would share them with you here:

  1. First we have to get all of our tools out. We use:
    • baking pans
    • cookie cutters: I have a few favorite shapes (dog bone, star, flower & heart)
    • a food processor: for blending up the bacon, chicken liver, broccoli & carrots
    • a stand mixer: for mixing it all together. I guess it’s a little bit gross that this is the same mixer we use for hamburger meat, making cookies, baking birthday cakes… :/
    • a dehydrator: dad just got our dehydrator off Craig’s list for making elk jerky – so that was perfect
    • a rolling pin: for rolling out the dog treat dough
  2. Then we make sure we have enough oatmeal flour to use as our base ingredient. If we don’t, we make more! It’s pretty easy, we just put dry oatmeal in the food processor until it’s a powder.
  3. We mix our ingredients in dad’s stand mixer and then it’s time to roll out the dough.
  4. We clear off the countertop and roll out a big section of dough with the rolling pin. Then dad starts cutting out shapes, and I organize them perfectly onto the baking sheets so that we can get as many as possible on the sheet. I actually had to buy 2 new baking sheets so that we could use our double oven and bake the treats faster! The baking sheets were the first purchase I made with my very one Fiana’s Dog Treats debit card!
  5. We bake the treats for about 30 minutes and then we transfer them to the dehydrator.
  6. The next morning (about 12 hours later) we take the treats out and have to bag them up.

I get pretty tired after a couple of hours of work, so I have to take some breaks every once in a while. Here is what I like to do on my breaks:

2 thoughts on “What I do when it’s treat making time!

  1. We loved hearing about your business and how you make your treats. Libby just said that you must love animals as much as she does! We were wondering what inspired you to start this up? We also liked watching you on your breaks! So glad we could see what you’ve been up to since we saw you last.
    ❤️ cousins Tricia and Libby in Indiana

    1. Hi cousins Tricia and Libby! Thanks for writing me a note. I miss spending time with Libby. I hope we get to see each other soon. I started doing this business because one day on a walk last year with our new puppy (Luna Bear), my sister thought of it and I thought it would be really cool to make dog treats. I love all animals too :). Do you have a dog Libby?

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